Increasing Donor Engagment for Social Enterprise

Increasing donor engagement by 300% through digital presence strategy

Who CREO served:

The client was a social enterprise that offers a unique approach to charitable giving. Using analyses comparable that of an equities desk, they analyzed the finances and operations of charitable organizations in order to identify those with optimal appeal, based on donor goals, interests and expected impact.


What CREO did:

The CREO team conducted extensive analysis to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This included the creation of a customized “strategy playbook,” including platform selection, content strategy for curation and publication, and a go-to approach for social media channels, to maximize reach to both charities and potential donors.


The result:

Alongside the “strategy playbook” for ongoing reference, CREO created 3 months of content across 3 social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube) as a kick-start to the effort. All of these were developed in-house, including videos, infographics, and articles that strengthened the client’s digital presence from planning all the way through to implementation. This overhaul of the branding and marketing strategy resulted in the organization seeing a 304% increase in donor engagement.

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