User Research for Startup

Revolutionizing product development through user testing for a FinTech startup

Who CREO Served

Vuru is an automated financial analysis platform that distils complex and voluminous capital markets data into a user-friendly interface for its users. The startup raised $1M in a seed round in 2015 with a vision to provide an “accessible” alternative to Bloomberg for less. Among the high-potential markets identified by Vuru were post-secondary students.


What CREO Did

The CREO team worked with Vuru’s founder to design and execute 30 individual user tests with students with varying levels of investment experience. The 40-minute tests allowed the user to explore the platform’s various features, complete curated tasks, provide feedback, and complete a profile survey. Using ViewedIt, we were able to record each user’s screen, commentary, and face, as they interacted with the platform.


The Result

CREO identified a set of uniquely important insights, including key correlation drivers of satisfaction that revolutionized the company’s approach to thinking about product development. Synthesis of these ideas was presented in a set of recommendations to Vuru, including UI/UX changes and a product development backlog for the platform’s features.

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